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Eggeli and Wellenberg

Eggeli and Wellenberg

The hillock that is in the centre of the image has cause a lot of ink to flow some years ago.

Indeed, it is in the marls of this mountain that the weakly radioactive waste of the Swiss nuclear power stations should have been stored. The local population showed a very fierce opposition to this project. During a popular voting, the project had definitively been rejected.

To cap it all, a short time later, the most wildly opposed to the deposit of nuclear waste canton of Nidwald, had also been among the most opposed for the continuation of the moratorium on nuclear power stations.

This mountain separates the valley of Engelberg from that of Oberrickenbach. A magnificent path enables the crossing of the hill of the foreground. This passage is called Eggeli. It enables to reach Oberrickenbach from Grafenort.

In the background, one sees the summit of Stanserhorn. It is on the bare part of this summit that cable railway arrives. Before the 1970 fire of the Stanserhorn hotel, two sections of funiculars enabled to climb easily to this top. During renovation, the second section was replaced by a cable railway. A part of the old machinery of the funicular is always visible at the top.

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