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The water of Bannalpsee

The water of Bannalpsee

Bannalpsee is an artificial lake which dam is formed by a earth dike. This one was built in 1937 by using the local materials. In particular, the clay of the core of the dam comes from this region.

As it is often the case, the construction of such a building required important means, both in term of technical infrastructure as in term of lodging. This is the reason why one often sees around these dams, communications means like cable railways or funiculars, as well as inns. These are installations that were built for the needs of the construction of the dam and that were left in place, by fitting them out.

Bannalpsee does not break this rule. Therefore, two cable railways lead there and there are three mountain inns there.

One sees here, the water of the lake in front of which are standing out spruces.

For more information: http://www.regionbannalp.ch/

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