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The Gross Chälen at Walenstock

The Gross Chälen at Walenstock

This gully divides the Vorder Walenstock from the rest of the range. It is a relatively easy mountaineering passage that leads up to the ridge. The route starts from the right along a steep slope that can be seen in the picture. It then goes up the bottom of the gorge, overcoming easy rock-climbing steps.

Easy does not mean without danger. I once reached the Walegg just in time when an Agusta from the Swiss rescue squad, the Rega, started its turbines. As the engineer saw me, he started to wave his hand. He then went out the craft and asked me whether I could help them cramming the stretcher that was laying on the ground nearby. I accepted willingly. Later, the craft lifted off and went toward the Gross Chälen. After a while humming, I saw him coming back over my place. I then helped them laying down the injured onto the stretcher and loading him into the helicopter. A handshake and a sign toward the pilot and the craft left again. A while later all was quiet again... .

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