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The Rocher de la Poupée

The Rocher de la Poupée

The Poupée boulder can be reached from the Grande Gorge when leaving it at Reposoir. From the Reposoir, a faint track leaves the path and crosses the bottom of the gorge in order to climb a gully on the opposite side. This gully leads to a small flat behind the Rocher de la Poupée.

If one goes to have a look at Rocher de la Poupée, it is worth to divert to have a look at Juillard cave. This one is easily reachable when climbing up the bottom of the gorge. One then reaches a hollow, called Moulin de l’Isère. In the right wall is the cave’s entrance. The entrance of the cave has been chopped, which suggests that this cave had been used as a shelter in some remote times.

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