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In the Petite Gorge

In the Petite Gorge

When one makes the hike consisting of leaving Grande Gorge path and taking Buses path, one reaches an angle on the edge of the left gorge (in the orographical sense) of the Petit Gorge. From there, the path goes down a little and crosses the bottom of that first gorge. The path then passes at the foot of the rocks that are seen in the picture, to reach the right gorge. It is in this gorge that the path climbs up.

The Petite Gorge, also called Ortis, is dangerous, notably when going down. The reason for that is that one is tempted going down the left gorge. But this gorge is completely insuperable.

The rock wall that one sees, holds some spectacular caves. Alas, the region is a bit damaged by different types of pollution thrown down from the top.

Despite the warning at the start from the Grande Gorge, this path is still passable. It is, however, reserved for experienced hikers. This even more because the whole climb of the gorge is extremely steep.

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