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At Portail du Sphinx

At Portail du Sphinx

The Portail du Sphinx is a small pass that separates Cirque des Etournelles from Dévaloir de la Mule. It can be easily reached when one climbs up Chavardon path, just before it leaves the Cirque des Etournelles. This small pass enables to reach Dévaloir de la Mule and Corniche de la Lamin.

When one makes the hike consisting of climbing Chavardon path, one passes by Mule cave and Table cave. After this last cave, the path makes a bend towards the edge of the rock wall, at a small terrace. This terrace is visible on the ridge of the foreground.

The day this picture was taken, there was stratus above Geneva. This picture shows the type of atmosphere one experiences at Salève during this type of weather.

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