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The Tour du Sarrot

The Tour du Sarrot

When one looks at the Salève from the flatland, one has the feeling that this mountain shows a more or less even face. It is only when one hikes near that face that one realises that the ground is much more hilly. The face is cut with deep gorges that are providing some surprising viewpoints.

Here, one sees the Sarrot Tower (Tour du Sarrot). Rather, one of the two Sarrot Towers. These two towers are separated by the Sarrot Gorge, that can not be seen on the picture. In front of the Sarrot Tower that we see, goes up the Grande Varappe Gorge. This gorge is historical since the French name "varappe" comes from this place.

The top of this Sarrot Tower is a magnificent picnic place.

In the background, one sees the protuberance of Rocher de Haute Serve, located near by the cable car.

This picture has been taken from the edge of Gorge de l’Evorse.

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