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Near Chalet de la Thuile

Near Chalet de la Thuile

The Salève near the Pitons is providing some very interesting views onto the rest of the mountain. These views are even more surprising because they are unusual.

This picture has been taken at the exit of Petites Croix path, from the passable road that leads to Chalet de la Thuile.

In the background one sees the Coin setback with its huge rock walls. In between on can distinguishes another noticeable rock wall of Salève: the Rochers d’Archamps. At the foot of this last rock wall is the deepest cave of Salève: the Grotte des Fées.

The hike that is to climb Petites Croix path and descend Convers path is a nice outing that can be done by almost every kind of weather.

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