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Aerial view of the upper Engelberg valley

Aerial view of the upper Engelberg valley

We are over flying Kr÷nten in the valley of Uri and we are looking towards west.

The valley that opens up is the upper Engelberg valley after it has made a bend near Obermatt.

The top that is seen at the bottom to the right is the Schlossberg. One sees clearly the impressive west rock wall. Close to the left is the Gross Spannort, almost unrecognisable from this side. Further to the left and ending a crest is the Chli Spannort.

One clearly sees to the left the impressive Titlis east rock wall going down towards Wasserfall. Almost on the opposite side are the slopes of Wissberg, magnificent viewpoint onto the upper Engelberg valley.

One gets a glimpse of the village of Engelberg, down in the valley. On the left of it, one sees the two steps made by Gerschni and TrŘebsee.

The engine that is seen is the one of a de Havilland DASH-8 from the Flybaboo company.

This company is running regular flights from Geneva to Lugano

It is however infrequent to over flight Central Switzerland during this flight. Usually, this flight is made above the Bernese Alps.

For more information: http://www.flybaboo.ch/

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