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Nassboden and Hahnen

Nassboden and Hahnen

The valley of Engelberg does not only provide long and difficult hikes. There are also numerous walks that are taking place more or less near the bottom of the valley.

One of these hikes is to cross Ochsenmatt (the beef’s pasture), also called Klostermatte (the convent’s pasture), and to take the path leading to Horbis. This path, after having passed above the Sieben Quellen (the seven wells), soon reaches the Nassboden (the wet ground) before it crosses the woods of Fürholzrain. My father told me that when he was a child, these woods did not exist and that there was a huge scree. Heavy sylviculture work have lead to the reforestation of this place. The different tiny paths that one sees leaving from the main path are remainders of tracks left by the workers that reaforrested this place.

The house in the picture is located not far from the "Lourdes Cave", small oratory in the woods destined for meditation.

The whole picture is overlooked by the Hahnen, symbolic mountain of Engelberg.

For more information: http://www.engelberg.ch/sommer-in-engelberg/wandern/

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